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Commission Art

Miimi&Jiinda commissioned artwork is a service that our artists offer where artwork is created based on an original design shown on the website or Instagram. There is more flexibility because it can be custom made to suit your interior and preferences. 
You are able to send through a request for different sizes or an ideal colour palette than those shown in other artworks on the site, however, it is at the artist’s discretion and your requirements will be discussed first.
First step is to complete the form below, explaining your preferences and attaching a photo if needed. Our artist will respond to your request within 72  discuss your request.
Please note the following:
Shipping is charged for Commission paintings this price will be included in your Quote. 
It’s also very important to note that all artworks are created from the spiritual connection our artists have with their culture, so very specific designs will not be accepted.
Please also respect the fact that creating this kind of artwork is a very intuitive process and it's important not to rush it, so your patience is appreciated, this will allow us to create something really special and unique just for you. 
Another important thing to note, if the customer changes their mind or decides they do not like the artwork after it is complete, we do not offer a replacement or refund, it’s very important to be very clear about your request from the first initial stage.
We will send you photos during the creation stage so you can suggest changes if needed.
Please read our Terms and Conditions before making any decisions.