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Bush Rub Balm 100g

Great for soothing aches and pains, Bush Rub Balm uses a unique combination of natural ingredients including Emu Bush infused in Macadamia Oil.

Heal & protect your skin from natural elements. This luxurious mixture of ingredients is specifically blended to moisturise & heal the skin. Bush Rub Balm is also great  to be used as a natural insect repellent.

Made from 100% Australian, natural ingredients.

These products stem from the beauty, truth and healing knowledge of a strong ancestral line. 

Using native plants known for their healing properties, these products have been adapted into modern day spa treatments while still encompassing the rich history and beneficial healing powers of these amazing ingredients.

Deb Munson is a proud Gomeroi woman from Coonabarabran. Living in the mid-north coast of Port Macquarie. Deb has extensive experience working with our sisters in wellbeing and have frequently been called upon by community to deliver workshops for our youth. 

We acknowledge and pay respects to Deb's Mother, Nana Leslie a proud Gomeroi women and Nana Smith a proud Dhurag women. They’ve passed down the healing knowledge to Deb Munson and her three daughters, who brought Baagi Milaygiin to life.


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