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Children's Ground


For the month of May, we will be donating $5 from every sale to Children's Ground

Children's Ground is creating change with communities who have been devastated
by entrenched inequity and disadvantage. Designed with First Nations people, and
championing First Nations knowledge and practice, Children’s Ground builds on the
ability, strength and culture of communities while responding to trauma and creating
opportunities. Working where people live, Children’s Ground builds generational
change by supporting each child, in every family within a community over a 25-year
period. Children’s Ground implements long-term, community-driven strategies to
redress systemic inequity for First Nations people, addressing issues that perpetuate
the cycle of intergenerational poverty and disadvantageincluding lack of access to
education and employment opportunities.

You can read more about Children's Ground incredible work on their website:


If you would like to contribute your own donation of any amount, you can add this to your order using the button below, or donate directly to their page here.

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