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Gumbayngirr Country

The painting is a land map of Gumbayngirr country... that’s where mum and I are from we painted it together. 

Gumbayngirr people are known as the Salt water people.. and we are also known as the sharing people because traditionally these lands we painted were plentiful with fresh food, seafood, plants and animals.. our tribe would share with neighboring tribes.. (We still hold these traits today such a generous mob) gumbayngirr country is on the mid north coast of NSW it’s so beautiful here. ➖

The large circle in the middle is a meeting place where everyone is welcome to come together no matter where they are from or who they are.. 

The landlines go out to neighboring tribes everyone shares and lives in unity.. 

It’s a painting of unity, healing and abundance. 

SIZE 1.5metres- 1metre 


Acrylic on Canvas 

Framed in Raw Oak Timber




This painting had a little tear in the canvas, but it has been fully repaired and you can not notice at all, it looks absolutely perfect, but thats why the price is reduced. 

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