This gorgeous piece of Miimi and Jiinda art is for sale!

Own your very own piece of Block history!

Did you love the gorgeous indigenous artwork in Deb & Andy’s living area that had the judges swooning? Now, in a stunning stroke of luck - another of Miimi and Jiinda’s amazing pieces can be YOURS! Yep, you heard us - you too can own your own original Miimi and Jiinda original! And it’s the one pictured here, in gorgeous hues of blues and greens. 

Gaagal by Miimi and Jiinda
'Gaagal' "inspired by Deb and Andy which celebrates both our connection to water as neighbouring nations - Being Birapi and Gumbaynggirr peoples of the east coast of NSW," Melissa tells Insider Style.

Melissa Greenwood and Lauren Jarrett, the talented Indigenous artists behind these pieces, are offering this amazing original artwork exclusively to the Block Shop. The best bit? 20 percent of the profits are going to the Rural Fire Service! Melissa lives in the Nambucca Valley only 1 1/2 hours away from Deb & Andy, where it’s been a devastating weekend for the entire mid-north coast community. “We all feel strong ties to each other in the community,” said Melissa and she felt there was no other choice but to give the proceeds of the artwork to the Rural Fire Service (RFS). "It’s the perfect choice, so fitting.” "Some of my family have been evacuated but everyone is safe and we have the RFS to thank for that." “I'm thinking of everyone in the communities under threat and I really hope the Wallabi Point community and Deb & Andy's home is okay," said Melissa.

Anthony Clark, Director of Corporate Communications at RFS said "we will ensure the funds are donated to brigades in the Wallabi Point area." "While our brigades have access to resources and firefighting equipment, donations assist with training, additional equipment and the delivery of activities that help the community." "It will be a great ‘thank you’ to brigades who have been working so hard to protect their local communities over the last few days, during very difficult and dangerous conditions," said Anthony. Deb and Andy's home has been under threat over the weekend from the fire raging around Wallabi Point. Deb currently away in Melbourne for the auctions says "we are thinking of everyone at home. Hoping you are all safe. Thank you to the fire services who are absolutely incredible." Deb tells Insider Style.

Melissa and Lauren were connected with Andy and Deb through The Block Shop’s manager extraordinaire Harrie - and they instantly connected.
“The first time we saw that @miimiandjiinda artwork we were so happy. It’s perfect for our Living and Dining space,” Deb said at the time. 

Miimi and Jiinda art Deb and Andy living room
Deb and Andy's living room art had all three judges rejoicing “I love that it’s an Aboriginal piece,” Darren said. “It’s appropriate to Andy as well. It’s a lovely story, how much of their own personality has gone into this house.”

Later, in a serendipitous moment, Andy’s mum Pam and Lauren - who lives close to the family and is from nearby Nambucca Gumbaynggir country - attended the same weaving group, only to discover the connection.
“It was meant to be, or what?” Deb says. “We are proud of this piece, and very grateful to artist Mel and The Block Shop Harrie, who connected us all.”

Miimi and Jiinda with Deb and Andy
What an incredible serendipitous moment with Andy’s mum Pam meeting Lauren at a weaving workshop. "Pam mentioned we were on The Block to which Melissa's mum replied, my daughter created an artwork for a couple on The Block," Deb tells Insider Style.

Gaagal by Miimi and Jiinda
A message from Miimi and Jiinda about this incredible artwork 'Gaagal' available in framed and unframed prints.

Ginnagay, (hello) from Lauren and Melissa

'Gaagal' means ocean in Gumbaynggirr. Mum and I are Gumbaynggirr custodians and the Ocean is our totem.

The painting was inspired by Deb and Andy and celebrates both our connection to water as neighbouring nations - Being Birapi and Gumbaynggirr peoples of the east coast of NSW. We just want to express our heartfelt appreciation to both Deb and Andy for giving us the opportunity to showcase our beautiful culture on Australia's best tv show.

Yarri Yarrang (goodbye)

Miimi and Jiinda
Miimi + Jiinda's art is a "symbolic portrayal of our interpretation of our Dreaming stories, and inspiration from nature."

Find out more about the incredible women behind 'Miimi and Jiinda' HERE

Judges with Miimi and Jiinda
Shop all the Miimi and Jiinda art that had The Block judges swooning HERE




































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