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Miiimi & Jiinda is an Indigenous Australian Art business, founded by Aboriginal mother and daughter, Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood. Established late 2018 to create beautiful sacred artworks sharing their rich cultural history, Miimi & Jiinda’s contemporary paintings and hand-woven baskets have won fans all over world. Known for its bright and distinctive style, Miimi & Jiinda creations are works of cultural renewal, telling visual stories that reflect their unique perspective and distinctive experience as Aboriginal women. 
Their artworks seamlessly weave together tradition with contemporary colours and mediums, creating harmonious resonance and emphasising that they are part of a living culture that is constantly evolving. Miimi & Jiinda inspiration stems from their strong, feminine matriarchal line, the beautiful Gumbayngirr country they live and work on, and their life today as a modern-day Indigenous women.
Melissa and Lauren hail from the Gumbaynggirr, Dunghutti, and Bundjalung tribes of Australia’s East Coast. Often referred to as “Saltwater Country”, their ancestral homelands encompass some of the most beautiful oceans, rivers, subtropical rainforests, mountains and majestic waterfalls in the country, extending from the northern end of Byron Bay down to Kempsey in New South Wales. Both mother and daughter remain constantly inspired by the beauty and texture of their traditional homelands - loving anything that is bright and bold, and that lightens up the senses. In Melissa’s words, “there is nothing better than painting Country on Country.” Lauren fondly remembers growing up in the bush, being taught by her elders cultural way, all about the land, the waterways, the nature spirits, and the intertwining relationship between all creatures. 
Then at aged nine, Lauren was forcibly removed from her home and placed in an orphanage where she was stripped of any connection to her culture and family. Since then she has spent her time regaining and reviving her cultural connection. Ensuring that her children, and generations going forward, are able to grow up proudly knowing their country and culture. For both mother and daughter, their art has been a powerful mechanism to heal this intergenerational trauma, and forge a new future through the healing nature of the ancient stories they paint. Lauren and Melissa are traditional owners of their ancestral homelands and proud custodians of the oldest surviving culture in the world which dates back to “time immemorial”, time extending beyond the reach of memory.


Lauren Jarrett

Creative Artist, Master Basket Weaver

Lauren is a Gumbaynggirr Custodian, Elder and a highly regarded artist and cultural educator. Her baskets and artworks have been exhibited in the National Museum of Australia, the iconic Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative in Sydney and leading Art Galleries across the country. Being a survivor of the Stolen Generations hasn’t stopped Lauren, as she has dedicated her life to reconnecting with her culture and language, so she could raise her children with strong cultural identities.

Melissa Greenwood

Founder, Director & Creative Artist 

Through her Matrilineal line Melissa is a proud young custodian of ancient Gumbaynggirr culture and lore. With an innate sense of cultural pride and passion for social justice Melissa has always strived to create positive change for her people. At 21, Melissa completed a Bachelors degree in Justice Studies (major in Critical Criminology) then worked extensively in Aboriginal affairs for over a decade. Melissa is currently the National Project's Manager at Culture is Life organisation, were she strives to reduce youth suicide in Aboriginal communities.  Miimii & Jiinda is a platform that allows Melissa to revive and share her cultural knowledge and to continue to empower her people.