THE BLOCK 2019 - Andy & Deb's Living Room Reveal

THE BLOCK 2019 - Andy & Deb's Living Room Reveal

Think of the feedback Mitch and Mark received for their reveal — Andy and Deb got the complete opposite.

The judges had nothing to fault, except for the placement of the television.

Neale had a massive smile on his face the moment he walked in, and all three judges then collectively exhaled, very loudly.

It was a sign of relief.

“Gosh, it couldn't be more different from next door,” Neale said, comparing the reveal with Tess and Andy’s room.

“If I were any of the homes that didn’t orient the kitchen this way I’d be kicking myself. There’s so much room,” Darren said as he spun around the kitchen.

“I can’t remember ever being in a home on The Block that has excited me more,” Neale added as Darren kept spinning.

“Everything is just beautiful from the pannellings on the wall to the white fan and the way everything plays to the light and the sense of space.”

Darren loved the artwork, saying it pays homage to Andy’s Aboriginal heritage, and he loved how the couple wove their personalities into the room.

“They have also created a house with such broad appeal,” Darren said once he recovered from his twirls.

Shaynna was mesmerised by the layout. “I don’t think there’s one angle you can get a bad shot,” she said.

“It is absolutely the right look to get people in here and that means it will win a lot of people over.”

The judges were concerned Andy and Deb were going down the “surf beach” look, but they commended them on the calm, coastal transition.

“What strikes me too is you’re seeing a level of sophistication that I would associate with a professional interior designer — it is astounding they have delivered a living, dining and kitchen with such warmth and depth,” Neale said.

Shaynna gave Deb the ultimate compliment by saying she can have a career as an interior designer.

“It’s goosebump material,” Shaynna said, adding she feels sorry for the next rooms. Wow. Harsh.


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