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Balgaarramba Miinggi | Paper Print



Balgaarramba Miinggi (Open Your Heart)  


Ngiyaa yaarri julu marraal-gundi, marraal, julu ngiyambandi (We are part of the earth and the earth is part of us)

This painting was created having my baby Ochre Bindarray Windala Swiers with a heart full of love! And channelling the most beautiful energy from my ancestors, in particular my nan who helped birth my baby. 


- All prints are high-quality reproductions of hand painted art by Melissa & Lauren in their little home studio on Gumbaynggirr country

- Printed locally using archival-quality inks onto 100% Cotton Rag textured paper 

This paper print is also available in a limited edition, extra-large paper print.

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