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Miimi & Jiinda



Buluunygarri  Gumbaynggirr Nyami (Pregnant Gumbaynggirr woman)

Being Buluunygarri is the most unique gift for a Nyami.  It’s a time when we are so intune and aligned with our bodies. 

Our growing Buwaarr (baby) guides us into opening emotionally and surrendering to all that is. 

Until babies are born into the world, they are still solely connected to the source energy of Mother Earth, to the spirit world and to the dreaming. It’s so powerful to be able to harness that beautiful energy and translate it into art. ⠀⠀⠀

All artwork is hand painted on Country. 

91 x 120 cm 

Framed in Signature ‘Miimi and Jiinda Framing’ on Gumbaynggirr Country
Acrylic on Canvas
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