Bazaar Interview 2022

Bazaar Interview 2022

‘My heart is filled with my culture and my children’: Miimi & Jiinda’s Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood on art, culture and motherhood

WHEN YOU ADMIRE the works of mother-daughter artist duo Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood — otherwise known as Miimi & Jiinda — you gain a sense of a relationship that is deeply loving. With their calming colours and poetic names — Mirrinmi (Be Happy), Juungawa (Prevail), Balgaarramba Miinggi (Open Your Heart) — you piece together a story of a resilient relationship strengthened with age.

Those themes of resilience were hard won. At just nine years old, Jarrett was a victim of the Stolen Generation; forcibly removed from her entire family and relocated to an orphanage where she was punished for her Bundjalung-Gumbaynggirr-Dunghutti cultural identity.

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