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Bindarray Yurruun

Bindarray Yurruun

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Bindarray Yurruun 

61 x 153 cm 

Acrylic On Canvas (Recycled Timber Frame)

A Bellinger River Creation story... How the muluuny (platypus) and the gugaamgan (emu) came to be.

'Two young men get some vines and bark from fig-tree roots, which they make a net to catch fish. No net has been made like this before. With it they walk to the top of Bindarray Yuruun (Bellinger River) just below Mount Lookout. They string the net across the river and wait all night. 

At dawn, they return to find the net empty! Big shame! Gaagum (kookuburra) starts laughing at them... 

Feeling such shame, one of the men jump into the river to get away from his people. He jumps into the river and turns into a muluuny (platypus). The platypus avoid people and like to hide. 

The other young man waits and waits for his cousin to return. He becomes weary, his cousin never comes. He picks up his stake and sets out for home but as he gets closer to home he hears his family say, 'What happened to our boy?'

So he too, runs away in fear. He runs and runs until he reaches the Heath Lands just north of Bindarray Yuruun, the Long River, the Bellinger River. There he turns into a gugaamgan (emu), a bird which always runs off when it sees a man coming.

The stake, which has cousin had brought for tying down his net turns into a sharp stone peak below Mount Lookout.'

 All artwork is made and custom framed on Gumbaynggirr Country.

This work is already framed so allow up to 1 week for delivery.
International orders are securely shipped rolled (un-stretched and unframed), please enquire.

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