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Barlaagany Bari (Sunshine Special Place)

Sale price$6,500.00

Barlaagany Bari 
“Sunshine Special Place”

Acrylic On Canvas
140 x 100cm (recycled timber frame)

This original painting represents the beautiful warm and healing energy of the sun. The sun's (ngayan) energy is a constant, guiding us across the landscapes, linking stories and breathing life into us all.  The meeting place in the middle represents families and friends coming together to celebrate, sharing food and connecting with loved ones. The lines leading to the centre represent each person's individual life journey and how they meet up, coming together as one.

We hope this artwork brings a beautiful, calm and nurturing energy into your space.

 All artwork is made and custom framed on Gumbaynggirr Country.

This work is already framed so allow up to 1 week for delivery.
International orders are securely shipped rolled (un-stretched and unframed), please enquire.